UWSCGA Launches Community Impact Plan

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In late September, the UWSCGA Board of Directors unanimously approved a dynamic Community Impact Plan to guide our future direction. Focused on the community building blocks of Education/Income/Health, the plan will allow UWSCGA to better focus resources around key community needs in order to maximize impact to the benefit of all. An additional emphasis on Basic Needs will enable UWSCGA to remain a key player in the provision of emergency needs during family crises such as a house fire, sudden unemployment or debilitating illness.

In some ways, the work of UWSCGA will appear unchanged as we continue to provide monthly funding allocations to various agencies within our service region. You can rest assured, however, that our leadership is scrutinizing requests more deeply than ever before, requiring funded agencies to provide specific outcomes impacting selected priorities within each key area of focus. We will also be seeking a more diverse set of partnerships as we seek to collaborate with an array of community partners in tackling some of the most pressing issues needs confronting our communities.

Priorities of the UWSCGA Community Impacg Plan are as follows:

Education - Early Literacy: Helping children to prepare for school
Education - Youth Mentoring: Helping students stay the sourse

Income - Job Readiness: Helping adults prepare for the current and future workforce
Income - Affordable Child Care: Helping parents afford to work and/or work longer hours

Health - Basic Nutrition: Helping residents maintain basic health through access to food
Health - Access to Mental Health Services: Helping citizens become and stay mentally fit

Basic Needs - Meeting Direct Needs: Helping families maintain housing and access other basic items
Basic Needs - Coordination of Services: Helping agencies maximize outreach to the community

While much detail work remains to fully implement the Community Impact Plan, we are very excited to reach this point and to move forward providing the maximum positive community impact that our resources will allow.