UWSCGA Launches Women's Circle on Early Literacy

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United Way of South Central Georgia is pleased to announce the launch of the Marion Culpepper Whiddon Women's Circle on Early Literacy to celebrate the memory of a great local volunteer and to honor her legacy as a champion of early literacy development.

An early development of literacy skills is of critical importanct to a lifetime of success, and simply putting books into the hands of preschool children - children whose parents may not be able to afford them or may not understand their importance - can make a tremendous difference. Just a few facts:

 · 25% of U.S. adults lack the literacy skills required for a typical job.


· 70% of U.S. inmates can not read above a 4th-grade level.

· 75% of Americans receiving food stamps perform at the lowest two levels of literacy.

· Children who have not developed basic literacy skills by the time they enter grade school are 3 to 4 times more likely to drop out of school in later years.


{C} {C} We are proud to also have the blessing and support of Ms. Whiddon's family in this endeavor...


"Having watched our mother serve so faithfully for so many years, we are thrilled to see her legacy for children honored and extended through the creation of the Marion Culpepper Whiddon Women’s Circle on Early Literacy at the United Way of South Central Georgia. We encourage everyone to join in continuing mom’s work of loving children and providing for their future through access to reading.”

- Ms. Margaret Powers, daughter, & Mr. Robert Whiddon, son

If you would like to learn more about early literacy and how you can make an impact as a member of the Marion Culpepper Whiddon Women's Circle on Early Literacy, please contact the office at (229) 382-2881 or via email at this link.