UWSCGA Launches Women's Council - Announces Partnership with Head Start

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United Way of South Central Georgia seeks support and partnership from women concerned about the educational success of our children. Click here or read on for more information. Focused on the key educational benchmark of Early Literacy Rates, the newly-reformed UWSCGA Women's Leadership Council (formerly Power of the Purse) will provide monetary and volunteer resources in an effort to help many of our youngest citizens to be prepared for school from the day they enter a kindergarten classroom.

These efforts will begin through a new partnership with Head Start programs throughout our five-county region of Ben Hill, Cook, Irwin, Tift and Turner counties. Through membership dues (90% of which goes directly to programming), Women's Council members will provide for the purchase of brand-new books to be given to Head Start students on a regular basis. The goal is a monthly book drop, but frequency will depend on the overall resources available. Members of the Women's Council, along with other partners, will take the books to each center, read the book to the children and help distribute the books.

"Many children do not have books at home due to a parent's limited resources," said Greg Millette, UWSCGA Executive Director. "By putting books into their hands and homes, we will provide regular opportunities for parents, older siblings or other folks to read to the kids, thereby helping them to begin recognizing sight words and develop other

pre-literacy skills. When combined with the good work of Head Start and others, this exposure will greatly increase a child's likelihood of entering the public schools prepared on day one."

Women may join the council with a gift of $300, $500 or $1,000. Each level carries different incentives, such as free tickets to the annual Family Dinner Theater. All levels carry the same opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children in need.

Click here to join or to gather additional information.